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Brand Creation / Narration / Visual Identity


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Rosie Lee

Brand Creation, Narration and Packaging

In the UK our flowers are imported from destinations thousands of miles away, with around 400 million flowers a month in the Netherlands being destroyed because they are not pretty enough or fail to sell for shipment. Some British flower farms work a little differently, by seeding early to ensure roots are well affirmed for flowers to bloom in time for spring. Rosie Lee helps support independent British flower farms by taking the flowers that won't make the cut, off their hands to press into a fresh and floral sparkling iced tea.

Rosie Lee's branding communicates the idea of creating use for 'the flowers that don't make the cut'. Using this copy line as a physical device, it seeps into thinking about the acts of being a florist and cutting flowers diagonally.

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Topics: Hand rendered typography, sustainable innovative solutions, brand world, copywriting, brand narration and creation.

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